What is Morgellons Disease?


Morgellons Disease is a mysterious, debilitating skin disorder currently being investigated by expert from the CDC. - Here you' find symptoms, information and tips for managing Morgellons.

Morgellons Disease in 3 year old male
Heel of 3 year old male

So, If you are here you are obviously wondering what Morgellons Disease is? Well, Morgellons, also known as Morgellons Disease or Morgellons Syndrome is a controversial skin disorder that, according to The nonprofit Morgellons Research Foundation, affects more then 10,000 people at last count.



Morgellons Disease is among the most baffling of healthcare problems found in the United States. Even after years of research and countless studies that have included environmental sampling and human subjects, there is no concrete evidence to suggest what initiates or establishes Morgellons. This disease has a major prevalence in the southern states of US apart from being reported in about 15 other nations. There is no defined pathology of Morgellons Disease. Some healthcare experts believe that the entire disease is essentially a manifestation of psychological problems such as schizophrenia or extreme obsessive tendencies or paranoia. Some experts believe that high levels of environmental pollutants are the triggering factor. Most patients of Morgellons Disease show a similar symptom where they seem to have an obsession to scratch their skin, often to the extent of injuring it. This is why many researchers believe that most Morgellons Disease symptoms are self inflicted. Some studies have hinted at the presence of certain parasites that can multiply under the skin. Though this can explain the typical crawling sensation that most of Morgellons Disease patients talk about, the theory has not been substantiated. Most physicians across the world are not ready to accept Morgellons Disease as a possible cause or outcome of severe dermatological or mental illness.

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